The harvest season for our jojobas has begun!

Peru is situated in the southern hemisphere, which means that summer is now slowly coming to an end. Each jojoba plant produces about 1000 fruits, which are harvested by hand on our plantations. To do this, the shrubs are shaken and the jojoba fruits that have fallen down are then collected by our staff. They … Read more

Jojoba plants are survival artists

Jojoba plants are survival artists: they cope very well with dryness and originally come from the American Sonoran Desert. The jojoba shrubs, which grow up to three metres, like desert regions of the world. They survive with little water and protect their leaves with a waxy layer against moisture loss. Their fruits, which are also … Read more

We produce our own fertiliser and compost

One of our most important values is sustainability – and has been from the very beginning. Since the early 2000s, we have been farming our jojoba plants organically. This means that we do not use herbicides, fungicides or pesticides, and of course we do not use any form of GMO. We produce our own fertiliser … Read more

We wish you a happy new year 2023!

At the beginning of the year, we take a look back at our company history: Already in the early 90s, Argentinean brothers Adolfo and Alfredo Mealla started to cultivate jojoba in Peru. In 2000, they were joined by Christian D. Wätjen, an agronomist from Germany who had gained experience with jojoba in Argentina since the … Read more