Wholesale organic jojoba oil directly from the source

Jojoba farmers with more than 35 years of experience in growing and processing jojoba. Until today the INCA OIL label has developed to a symbol of quality and trustiness, recognized by all major cosmetic or personal care companies worldwide as a certified organic jojoba wholesale bulk supplier.


Shorter lead and transit times

Listening to our worldwide customers demanding shorter lead- and transit- times, INCA OIL didn ́t wait long to take action: It was a strategic decision to move jojoba oil bulk production to the channel country. From here ships are sailing from the Pacific port of Balbao as well as from the Atlantic port of Colón every day to all parts of the world.

State of the art farming, processing and jojoba wholesale

In May 2015 a new chapter was opened, when INCA OIL started production of Jojoba oil at their new factory, Jojoba Company Inc., in Panama. In 2019 Jojoba Company moved into their own factory building. New presses with latest technology are now basic for continuous high quality and quantity of jojoba oil bulk. To this day we regularly invest in the renewal and increase of plantations and high- quality German processing equipment.


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