Our Standards

Social responsibility

INCA OIL is sponsoring primary school in Humay, province if Ica, with stationary books, food, equipment and organizing sport events and barbecue afternoons. All workers in the fields enjoy in our farm´s dining room every day a free lunch.

Our Environment

The Peruvian jojoba plantations are irrigated by pure Andean melt water. The farms are located in the dunes close to the shore of the Pacific Ocean and are making use of the subterraneous rivers coming from the heights of the Andeans, which end in the sea.

The positive environmental effect is noticed by stopping the shifting sand dunes and in consequence desertification.

Whale protection

Another name for Jojoba may be “Green Whale”. In former times sperm whale oil was a worthy pharmaceutical raw material, as it penetrates easily into the human skin. Jojoba was discovered as a replacement for sperm whale oil as its properties are identical. The use of Jojoba saves the lives of the whales. INCA OIL maintains a good relationship with WDC.